Hipster: The Card Game

Cobalt Pulsar Announces New Card Game: Hipster

Cobalt Pulsar is proud to announce its first card game -- Hipster: The Card Game, a fast, fun, constantly shifting party experience:

Strategy is the name of the game as you compete to be the coolest in town in the game of Hipster. Collect your gear and play against others in your quest to be hipper than everyone else. But watch out, because once things become too cool they’re no longer cool.

In Hipster you want to be first. You want to collect the three winning cards out of a selection of Culture, Fashion, and Trinkets before everyone else does, because what’s the point of being into something if everyone else is into it with you? There is no point. When stuff becomes too cool it goes away, replaced by newer, cooler stuff no one is into. If you’re gonna win, you gotta be on the cutting edge! Can you be faster, can you be cooler, can you be Hipster?

The Kickstarter for Hipster: The Card Game is ongoing now through August 10, 2015. Order yours today!

There's a Game in this Book

Cobalt Pulsar Announces New Publications:

Cobalt Pulsar is proud to announce its first set of books: There's a Game in this Book, a Fantasy RPG. From the main book:

There’s a Game in This Book is a streamlined RPG, but “what does that actually mean?” Well, we’ve tried our hardest to streamline (i.e. excise) all the really annoying and tedious bits of the gaming experience, creating something fast, light, and instantly accessible.

Too many campaigns involve sitting down for a day just to make the characters, with players never actually playing the game until the next session (and if anyone is late to the party, they may end up spending additional days making their chartacters, putting them even further behind). This practice is so common that most gaming groups just schedule it before each new advenure.

We want you to be able to read There’s a Game in This Book, cover to cover, in less than an hour. We want you to be able to create a character in 15 minutes or less. We want you to be able to get a group of friends together and start a game that day. And we want you to be able to game with one book, one d12 die, and enough character sheets and pencils for the entire group. Nothing more is required -- no extra time or resources.

So what more do you need? Nothing. Just grab your character sheet, grab your dice, grab some friends (gently, we suggest), and get playing. Gaming is an enjoyable way to spend a day with your friends, so make the most of it!

The Kickstarter for There’s a Game in This Book and it's companions Now What? Additional Notes for Aspiring GODs and There Are Monsters in this Book was successfully funded. Order yours today from Cobalt Pulsar.