Web, Multimedia, and Brand Design

As more people turn toward search engines to find goods and services, business benefit from having a presence on the Internet. Moreover, technology evolves, older websites need to be regularly updated and refreshed to keep pace with the design aesthetics of the target customer base.

Template or Custom Design?

While a template website may seem like a low-cost, highly customizable alternative, they are inexpensive for a reason. While they are quick to implement and seem to be economical, they lack the originality that makes your company different from all others. Templates are overly simple, lack compatibility with current web standards, and are often poorly designed for your customers' needs. Additionally, it is rare for a template-based company to allow you to make changes to your site's layout - and even these choices are limited; elements cannot be moved, pictures must remain the same sizes, and font and color options are limited. These requirements shoehorn you into a box, and keep you from showing your customers your creativity and uniqueness.

You won't save money with a template based sites, especially if you want your site to properly reflect your brand or if you want any control. The professionals at Illuminated Rivets have a better way. We create custom hand-coded, hand-designed sites that enhance your corporate identity, comply with current web and browser standards, will be far easier and cheaper to maintain, and down the road will upgrade and evolve far easier than any template site. We take into consideration your customers and their needs while creating the flow and layout of the website, working to hold and direct their interest and providing the information they need when they need it.

Price of Design

We recognize that price is an important factor in choosing a web and promotions service. We strive to provide a customized experience for your business. We are committed to providing the products you need - no more, no less. For this reason, we do not have flat rate pricing. We provide an individual quote based on our conversations with you, without any hidden costs.

We would love the opportunity to discuss your business needs, and will be happy to work within your set budget.

Cobalt Pulsar Portfolio

The following are projects developed by Illuminated Rivets. Some content from websites, print materials, or mock ups may have been removed for legal reasons. Illuminated Rivets does not claim to own any copyrighted material on client websites or print materials.

Asteroid G 2011
PEI Decals 2010
IN-TIME 2009